My Montana Wedding Expo 2019

Needless to say, the My Montana Wedding Expo was awesome! Exhausting, yes. Awesome, yes. The #brides, the #motherofthebrides, the #maidofhonors and yes even the #grooms came out on a dreary Saturday and got it done. To have 116 vendors and hundreds of people under one roof talking about weddings and love was really cool to be a part of.

This was my first year as a vendor at the expo and definitely not the last. As I prepped for the expo, there was one thing that I couldn't get my mind off of...a beautiful crushed velvet, light pink couch!! Seriously, I rented it from Empress Tents and Events and tried to come up with ideas on how to smuggle it out under my jacket and into my home. My goal for this space was to try to fully define what Montana Elegance looks like. It has the vintage couch that pulls on the tenants of tradition so ingrained in weddings, with the hipness of the airplants of minimalist approach of floral design, a backdrop that reminds us of spring and summer love, the tree branch pulled from my family's property in the canyon and finally, a cowhide rug to bring us back to our Montana roots.

I mean seriously, it's beautiful!

My amazing #motherinlaw helped me make the backdrop of the booth that I hope so many will also recreate at their own wedding. I have never been a huge fan of silk or fake flowers but the combination of these flowers and my favorite couch of all time really "pulled the room together" (Thank you Big Lebowski).

As people started to relax and get into the groove of mimosas, cake tasting, smelling flowers, and all the pretty things, the space became a place to relax with your people.

On top of all that I added #morningafterbuns as a giveaway and it was a huge hit.

Let me explain:

Imagine dancing the night away with all of the people who love and support you and your new spouse. It's quite possible you and several members of your wedding party had some cocktails throughout the day and evening. You wake up in pure #justmarried bliss and you are starving. Morning after buns to the rescue!!

My husband with his 1.2 million talents is also a phenomenal baker and chef. He has perfected the art of cinnamon rolls and they are straight up a work of art. Two lucky winners will get a couple dozen homemade, pure wedding bliss cinnamon rolls delivered to the wedding party the morning after their wedding! (I should honestly write a complete blog post on Morning After Buns)

PS...he is adorable too!

Melt in your mouth amazing! And as a selfless plug, if you are interested in having Morning After Buns a part of your wedding plans, hit me up because you will not be disappointed!

Overall, I learned so much from being a part of the #mymontanawedding expo this year and I could imagine most brides walked away with a wealth of knowledge.

In the meantime, I will be over here redesigning my entire house to integrate a crushed velvet pink couch into my living room!

Cheers to you! Cheers to love! Cheers to Morning After Buns!

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