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Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Everything about your wedding should be about you and what you like. But I see a lot of brides trying to find the one thing that makes their day unforgettable. Believe me, your wedding will be unforgettable to you! I promise. But, it is always fun to see how couples blend their style, humor, and personality into their wedding day.

Signature DrinksI have attended a lot of weddings in my life as either a guest, a member of the bridal party or working an event. So I ask this simple question to a lot of guests. "What do you, as a guest, remember about awesome weddings?"

You could imagine the mixed bag of ideas, but a few of the common themes are good music, beautiful spot, good bar, good people. Obviously what you serve your guests to drink is closely related to your wedding budget. If you want to add some "pizazz" to your bar without offering a full bar, maybe a signature drink is your way of personalizing your menu. Northwest Montana in the summer is synonymous with huckleberries. Huckleberry vodka, lemonade and club soda pretty much fits into any guest's hand perfectly in the heat of the summer. Are you more of a beer drinker? There are literally thousands of breweries to choose from. My husband is a home brewer and our wedding gift to our friends, he home-brewed 30 gallons of beer specifically for the bride and groom. With names such as "Son of Headlee", "Extra Special Bride (ESB) and "Red Head (a Flathead Cherry Wheat)! (Hopefully I can talk more about that later!)

Party Favors/ Guest GiftsThe gate is wide open on what to do for special gifts for your guests. This isn't a must do at your wedding but it's nice to let your guests know how much their love means to you. I have seen couples who fish and camp a lot, give their guests silicon pint glasses with their wedding insignia. Believe me, those were much appreciated by all. One of my couples gave all of their guests 16 oz. huckleberry jam (are you seeing a theme) and to make it even more amazing, their was a thoughtful message on each of them from the bride and groom. The options are endless and is also super fun thinking of ways to say thanks.


I think I start to drool a little bit when I start to think about centerpieces at weddings. In my opinion tablescapes are becoming such an artistic aspect of weddings to allow creativity and innovation. Traditionally, flower arrangements in a vase on table linens were the staple. I go to weddings now and one of my favorite thing to do is to put those designs into action. A dear friend of mine had pheasant feathers throughout her centerpieces as her dad and her husband are avid bird hunters.

Then there is animal figurines as a centerpiece. And to make this even better, they became the party favors for all of the guests. This bride has a lot of houseplants and all of her plants have a tiny animal in each pot to keep the plant company. So for their big day, she spray painted 100 various animals. As a bonus to all, these gold figurines became the party favors too.

Money is the bottom line for almost wedding decision, don't get caught up in stressing over the ways to make your wedding personalized. It will be, because it is your wedding. But don't be afraid to add nuances of your life in either dramatic or subtle ways.

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